Telemedicine Society of India

-North East Chapter

Images from the inaugural programme

Welcome to the official website of the North East Chapter of the Telemedicine Society of India (TSI-NE). As we navigate the dynamic landscape of healthcare, our chapter stands as a beacon of progress and innovation in the realm of telemedicine. Dedicated to the overarching mission of the Telemedicine Society of India, our chapter focuses on fostering accessible, high-quality healthcare solutions in the northeastern region.

Explore our website to discover the initiatives, advancements, and collaborative efforts that define our commitment to making telehealth a cornerstone of healthcare in the North East. Whether you are a healthcare professional, technology enthusiast, or someone passionate about improving healthcare accessibility, we invite you to engage with us and join the journey towards a future where telemedicine transforms lives.

Together, let's bridge gaps, connect communities, and build a healthier, more connected North East. Welcome to TSI-NE, where innovation meets compassion in the pursuit of accessible healthcare for all.